26 Apr 2014

Hotel, Apartment, and Dormitory Operators – Read This

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Hotel, Apartment, and Dormitory Operators – Read This

Most of you have been depending on chemicals applied by commercial pest companies to control your Bed Bug infestations.  How has this been working for you: probably not all that well?  The chemicals irritate the insects so that they seek cover in nooks in the room.  In addition most of the insects are highly resistant to most approved chemicals.  Since bedding, furniture and electronics cannot be effectively treated that way, you end up replacing these items at considerable additional expense.

Enter the Themination Technology heat treatment method.  For about $10 in electricity you can achieve much higher total-kill results in 4 – 5 hours, all while managing the application with your own maintenance personnel.  The bugs, which locate their next warm body by sensing heat, come out of their hiding places as the room warms only to be killed as the temperature rises into the killing zone above 122 F°.  All of the contents are treated along with the room, saving you thousands of dollars, which adds up fast to make this the most cost effective way to deal with this growing problem.


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