Thermination heat treatment system will eliminate bed bug infestations without the use of chemicals using specially designed electric heaters to elevate room temperatures above 122 °F.  This is the point at which all bed bugs and their eggs die.  Bed bugs typically hide when not feeding in nearby cracks, crevices, and bedding.    Like mosquitoes, bed bugs are attracted to heat.  So, in contrast to chemical treatments, which tend to drive the insects away from the irritating chemicals and further into hiding or even an adjacent room, the heat treatment method draws them out to be killed.

Conventional chemical pest control treatments often miss some bed bugs in their hiding places, with the result that problem returns.  A chemical pest control company may have to visit two of more times before achieving complete eradication.  Also, it is usually necessary to dispose of expensive furniture, bedding and electronics, as these are places where the bugs can hide and avoid contact with the insecticides.

The good news is that our thermal treatment method penetrates everything in the room.  You will not have to replace bedding, furniture, or electronics, making the thermal treatment method much more cost effective than chemical methods.   Many health departments require up to three re-treatments with chemical methods, which can keep the rooms out-of-service for several weeks.  With heat treatment the room can be available for occupancy within one day.

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