Set up is simple (see figure below).  Place the non-toxic bed bug treatment Thermination heater in the center of the room and plug the power cord into a 240 volt power outlet, and turn on.   Fans are positioned to evenly distribute the heat, with particular attention paid to getting airflow into problem areas, such the bed, headboard area, and the wall behind the bed.  All furniture is placed on specially design aluminum lifts to ensure effective treatment of hiding places beneath.  Place sprinkler head covers over fire sprinklers.   It typically takes an hour or two to raise the temperature to the bug killing level.  The temperature is then precisely monitored and maintained for several hours to ensure that it penetrates bedding, furniture, clothing, and other areas in the room where bed bugs are likely to hide.  All stages of the pest life cycle from egg to adult are killed, leaving no place for them to hide.  At the end of treatment simply  remove all equipment, vacuum up any dead insects, and reposition furniture.

Since all contents of a room are treated, there is no need to discard or remove expensive bedding, furniture, clothing, or electronics. This can save you thousands of dollars over the cost of conventional chemical treatment.  Only certain “heat sensitive” items such as food, plants, candles, medications and oil paintings, need to be removed from the treatment area.  Electronics can safely remain, but should be turned off during treatment.

Owners of the Thermination system can begin treatment as soon as the infestation is discovered, no waiting for an outside vendor to provide services.   Also, thermal treatment means no chemicals need to be applied; therefore there is no residual pesticide, odor, or toxicity risk to children or pets.  Thermination Technology® treated areas can be occupied as soon as the room cools to a comfortable level.

Typical Bed Bug Heater Setup