Thermination’s single room treatment package offers an ideal solution for hotel, residence hall, and nursing home managers. The best way to avoid the spread of bed bugs is use a pest control service that initiates treatment as soon as the problem is discovered. Our compact, portable, treatment package can be easily stored and ready for use at any time. Maintenance personnel can be easily trained in setup and operation. Most rooms can be treated and ready to occupy in less than 6 hours.

All that’s needed is a 240 volt power outlet, typically used for wall mounted PTAC climate control units. The TH-1024 heater can operate from one 30 ampere or greater outlet. If the available outlet is a 20 ampere outlet the TH-2024 heater will require two outlets, one from an adjacent room. A portable generator, located outside of the building can used as an alternate power source.

Contents of the room including bedding, clothing, furniture and electronics can be treated at the same time, for a significant cost savings over chemical treatment methods.