Thermination Technology has developed a compact, yet capable, heater specifically designed for the treatment of bed bug infestations.  Our ergonomic design is intended to facilitate setup and operation by trained maintenance personnel.

We offer two versions, a 7000 W (24,000 BTU/hr) model operating from a single 30 A  (240 V) outlet and a 9000 W (30,700 BTU/hr) model operating from two 20 A (240 V) outlets.  Compatible power outlets are used for in-room wall mounted heat/cool units.  For those rooms without these outlets we can provide longer power cords to provide access to power sources outside of the room.

We can provide a complete single room heat remediation treatment for bed bugs package which includes the Thermination electric heater, power cord, circulating fans, temperature data logger, non-contact thermometer, sprinkler head insulated cover, and furniture lifts.  See list below for detailed descriptions each component.



Size            19 x 21 x 28 (excluding handle)
Weight       49 lb
Power        3500/7000 W, 240 VAC

Timer          6 hr rotary time control

Display       Digital temperature controller


TH-2024 9kW

Size            19 x 21 x 28 (excluding handle)
Weight       49 lb
Power        4500/9000 W, 240 VAC

Timer          6 hr rotary time control

Display       Digital temperature controller


Circulating Fan


Roll-about high temperature articulated 24″ circulating fan. This fan is to be used with Thermination Technology heaters to move high volumes of heated air throughout the room to kill the bed bugs.  Industrial grade circulating fan selected for high temperature operation.

Features Built in cord, Roll-about with wheels and hundle, Tilts to direct airflow, Two speeds
Fan Diameter 24
Air Delivery (CFM) 6,475 – 7,700
 HP 1/5
Watts 125-150
Speed 950-1,100
Power Cord (ft.) 10
Weight (lb) 32
 Noise Level (dB) 62

Temperature Data Logger

Lascar data logger is the perfect tool to place in room for monitoring and recording temperuatures during treatment cycle. Verify that proper treatment temperatures have been achieved. Comes with simple to use software that loads onto your computer to enable unit and display time-temperature graph. Also allows you to save or print a permanent record of temperatures from start to finish. Unit has USB port to simplify interconnection with computer.

Can also be used to display current ambient temperature by pressing button on unit.


The Fluke 62 Max non-contact infrared (IR) thermometer is perfect for use in measuring the surface temperatures of bedding, furniture, or other areas where bed bugs are likely to reside, during the heat treatment process. The Fluke 62 Max offers quick and reliable surface temperature readings. The Fluke 62 Max is rugged, accurate, easy-to-use test tools are dust, water and drop resistant, making them ideal for this application.



Furniture Lifts



It is necessary get good air circulation underneath furniture, as this an area where bed bugs are likely to hide. These lightweight aluminum lifts are inserted under the corners of bed stands, dressers, and other furniture to allow heated air to circulate during the treatment process. Simply lift one end of a piece of furniture and slide two stands in place. Then repeat the process on the other end. Stackable for easy handling and storage.


Sprinkler Head Cover

This cover is designed to insulate sprinkler heads from hot air circulating in the room during treatment. It is constructed with two layers of foam insulation protected by a hard outer shell.  It is easily attached  by looping an adjustable cord over the diffuser disk at the end of a sprinkler head.


Power Cables

Our heavy-duty power cords are available in lengths of 15’, 25′, 50′, or 75′. Cables can be linked together to cover distances of up to 225′, delivering power from an outlet some distance from the room being treated.





Power Cable Adapters

It is frequently necessary to provide a transition from the power cable twist lock connector to a particular type of wall outlet.  Our short cable adapters are available in several types to (see NEMA connector chart below).






We offer a complete treatment package which includes most everything you will need to treat one room.    Each package includes the following.

  • 1 – Heater Model 1024 (power, 1 – 30 A, 240 V, circuit)
  • 1 – Lascar Temperature Logger
  • 1 – Fluke IR non-contact thermometer
  • 1  – 25′ Power Cable
  • 1 – Power Cable Adapter
  • 2 – 24” Circulating Fans.
  • 12 – Furniture Lifts
  • 2 – Sprinkler Covers
  • 1 – Instruction Manual
  • 1 – Canvas Tote
  • Package Cost     $5950


  • 1 – Heater Model 2024 (power, 2 – 20 A, 240 V, circuits)
  • 1 – Lascar Temperature Logger
  • 1 – Fluke IR Non-contact Thermometer
  • 1  – 25′ Power Cable
  • 1 – 75′ Power Cable
  • 2 – Power Cable Adapters
  • 2 – 24” Circulating fans.
  • 12 – Furniture Lifts
  • 2 – Sprinkler Covers
  • 1 – Instruction Manual
  • 1 – Canvas Tote
  • Package Cost     $6320