Three Reasons Why It’s Dangerous to Use Pesticides to Kill Bed Bugs in Your Home

Forget everything you think you knew about pest control services, because you’re most likely working on outdated information. Chances are you think chemicals and pesticides are the most effective bed bug treatments, since that’s what’s always shown on TV, when in reality, the superior bed bug solutions are actually eco friendly bed bug treatments. Here.. read more →

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Toxic Bed Bug Treatment

It’s simple. You have a bed bug problem, and so you get the most effective bed bug treatment you can find. The thing is, most people believe that chemicals are the best professional bed bug treatments, when in actuality, heat exterminations are the superior bed bug solutions.Here are a few reasons why.They’re Non-ToxicThermal bed bug.. read more →

How Can You Use Heat to Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs aren’t only an obnoxious problem, they’re a persistent one, whose reproductive advantages help them survive wave after wave of fumigation efforts. They can lay as many as five eggs in just a single day, allowing them to multiply quickly. The hatchlings are also so small that they can pass through mattresses’ stitch holes,.. read more →

The Best Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs have been spotted just about everywhere humans tend to frequent, and these days it seems they’ve become an epidemic and a nuisance to society. Bed bugs have been found in hotels, apartments, private homes, dorm rooms, public transport vehicles, jails, hospitals and even on cruise ships.About bed bugs: They can lay one to.. read more →