21 Nov 2014

Three Reasons Why It’s Dangerous to Use Pesticides to Kill Bed Bugs in Your Home

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Forget everything you think you knew about pest control services, because you’re most likely working on outdated information. Chances are you think chemicals and pesticides are the most effective bed bug treatments, since that’s what’s always shown on TV, when in reality, the superior bed bug solutions are actually eco friendly bed bug treatments.

Here are a few reasons why.

Eco Friendly Bed Bug Treatments Are Safer.

The first and most obvious reason an all natural bed bug treatment is better is because they’re safer. Chemicals and pesticides are incredibly dangerous not just to pests and parasites, but to humans and pets as well. In just a two year span, pesticide bed bug treatments were linked to about 80 cases of chemical poisoning. Even mild exposure to pesticides can cause severe problems, such as nerve damage. What’s more, pesticides are also terrible for the environment. Virtually every bit of poison (98%) will work its way into an area’s air, soil, and water.

Eco Friendly Bed Bug Treatments Are More Effective.

Humans have been bombing bed bugs with chemicals for years upon years upon years, forcing them to adapt and evolve in a minuscule amount of time. Believe it or not, there are bed bugs around now that can withstand 1,000 times the amount of pesticides they could just 10 years ago thanks to their thicker exoskeletons, stronger nervous systems, and detoxifying enzymes.

Eco Friendly Bed Bug Treatments Are More Thorough

Consequentially, it takes a lot more pesticides to kill bed bugs. Even then, that’s often not enough. In fact, it usually takes about three chemical treatments to fully exterminate a house using pesticides. Heat treatments, on the other hand, cook bed bugs no matter where they are, no matter how thick their exoskeletons may be.

If those nasty, blood-sucking parasites are plaguing your home, contact a thermal bed bug treatment provider. The eco friendly bed bug treatment their thermal remediation equipment provides is a safer, more effective, more thorough, eco friendly bed bug treatment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


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